New Designs Added Daily!

Swamp Cracker was born on a hot November day back in 2007. While running dogs in the Ocala Pipeline I complained about having to wear a hot orange vest to comply with state regulations. Why wear an orange vest over a t-shirt when I could just wear a safety orange t-shirt. I couldnt find one I liked so I designed the original Swamp Cracker design of "Chasin' Tail". Next thing you know everyone is asking me to make them one. I started making so many of them I needed a name. That came not long after as I sat in my boat down the St Johns River waiting to pick up my brother in law as he walked out of the barefeet. He was the orginal badass dog hunter, my idol, and surrogate father in many ways. Here's a 65 year old man walking out of a swamp he had walked out of for 50 plus years and never wore shoes and killed more deer running dogs than anyone I know. I took one look at him and said "Aren't you just a swamp Cracker" And there we were.